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‘We are pleased to announce that we are ranked Singapore’s Top 1000 /Top 500 SME for the years 2006 & 2007 consecutively. We thank our loyal customers who have been giving us continuous support throughout the years.’

Singapore is a country where foreign exchange services were competitively and widely offered from the early 1960’s.While trade and tourism was booming in the early 1970’s and 80’s demand for foreign exchange services prompted money-changers to spring up and became a component in the growth of Singapore.

Arcade Plaza Traders (apt) saw the potential in Singapore’s foreign exchange market and was established in 1974. It soon became a private limited company in 1983 and has since been operating in Raffles Place, Singapore. The company has been involved extensively in the money exchange business for the last 30 years. Through the decades, APT has formed a cohesive financial network locally and abroad. Using the vast experience acquired, APT has structured a strong customer base with many corporations and other business merchants. During the last decade, APT has added an important component to its core business activity. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, APT has specialised in transferring money from Singapore to overseas accounts at competitive rates and at bare minimum charges.

Currently, the board at APT chairs two directors who have priceless knowledge and experience in the money changing and remittance services for the past three decades. The managing directors have exploited their abilities to bring the company over the years to greater heights. They have built a very deep rooted trust and understanding with customers and have since been reputable in the local market.

The management team overlooks the daily operations of the company. The team ensures the operations of the company is at its maximum level through the close supervision of forex dealing, human resources, training, business development, quality control and other relevant areas.

The human resources of the company contain a mix of experienced and newly recruited employees to integrate the traditional methods and the modern technologies to help create a transparent and effective financial system.

Around 60 % of the employees are with the company for more than 10 years while the rest are being actively trained to cater for the growth and advancement of the business .

All employees are sent for courses on an ad-hoc basis to keep them abreast of issues & developments in the moneychangers’ and remittance markets. Courses include counterfeit note detection, money-laundering, terrorist financing etc.

In addition, an in-house training is provided for employees to refresh and update themselves on money exchange & remittance guidelines provided by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Currently, Arcade Plaza Traders is actively serving the needs of local and as well as the overseas markets. The company is one of the oldest and major SME in the foreign money exchange sector in Singapore. Today APT has a clientele of over 1000 and a turnover of over S$40 million per month and is well recognised by major banks, corporations and individual customers.

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