11 Collyer Quay
#02-03 The Arcade
Singapore 049317

TEL: +65 62277660
FAX: +65 62209887

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Become a Member

At our company, we always focus on customer service which has built our reputation through the years.

Customers wanting to be a member, must physically present themselves for a one time registration at 11, Collyer Quay #02-03 The Arcade, Singapore.

For corporate customers, please bring along your company registration, business card, authorized person NRIC/Passport.

For personal customers, please bring along your NRIC/Passports.

In becoming our member, customers can:

            Send their Money Transfer form Online.
            Keep track of your funds.
            View all your transactions.
            Keep tab on your account with us.

For more information, please call 6227 7660.

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