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SERVICES (Money Transfer)

Welcome to our Money Transfer Page.

World Wide Transfer of funds to overseas bank accounts can be a hassle and expensive. Be it for business or personal need, we have tailored our currency transfer services to be cheap and convenient for you.

Our rates are very competitive with minimum charges as low as $20 or less. As we have been in this trade for more than 10 years, our top priority will be the safe and timely transfer of all funds. All payments to us will be safely deposited in a designated bank account named ‘customers account’ until the funds are ready to be transferred to the applicant’s destination. As such customers can be at ease on the safety of their funds. With good agents’ network and banks’ support, you can be sure of our worldwide transfer services, especially to neighbouring Malaysia.

To extend our services, we have displayed our daily money transfer rates online for selected currencies. As the rates are subjected to changes without notice, we strongly advise our customers to use the rates as an indicative measure and to call our dealers at 62277660 for real time rates.

In addition, become our member and send your remittance application online system at the comfort of your own PC!

Learn on how to become a member and the services you can be privileged with.

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